I like writing odd things.

Bio: I received a bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of Texas while being a member of that university's Plan II Humanities Honors Program. I write poetry while basking in the aroma of my morning coffee in the weird city of Austin, Texas, and have a particular fondness for cats and eccentricities in general. This page allows one to sample books which I have published, and presents links to the places where they can be purchased.

I have also been published in SkywayJournal (2021 - February), Open Skies Quarterly (Volume 4), and Writes of the Round Table (ed. Lucie Sargeant).

For Women in Labor at Midnight

All text copyright George Pestana
Image courtesy of elvina1332 from Pixabay

From my book Cressida
(read the poem backwards and forwards)

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I'm currently working on Cressida. When completed it will contain 40 poems and at least 250 pages, with illustrations and commentary, and will cost $9.99 (for android, desktop, iOS, denver EBO, kindle, kobo, nook, palm, pdf, sony), or $14.99 (for paperback).
You can buy it now for $4.99 (pdf only) with free updates and the ability to provide feedback as I write it.

This means that I can list your name as an editor, along with any link you like, to advertise what you do.


1 poem, 39 pages, $5.17

Leanpub... (pdf)

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