This Ethereum word-unit palindrome poem explores the themes of murder, justice, free will and predestination. Like all word-unit palindromes, it can be read both backwards and forwards word-by-word. There is only one copy of the digital collectible.

The Poem
The poem consists of 111 words, followed by one pivot word, followed by the original 111 words in reverse order, for a total of 223 words.

The Book
An e-Book and print book version of the poem, accompanied by 75 AI-generated images, are also available. This book is available on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Nobles, and Smashwords. The Smashwords edition will be priced at "pay-what-you-want" (i.e. it can be downloaded for free). Besides the poem and images, the book also contains links to both the 1-of-1 Ethereum NFT and NFTs of the images used in the book. The hope is that the book will be distributed over a long period of time, such that poetry lovers unfamiliar with NFTs will be introduced to the concept via the links, while owners of the NFTs will experience a growing interest from buyers as the distribution of the book increases exposure to the NFTs.

The Images
Each of the AI-generated images in the book is associated with a 1-of-1 NFT (per chain) on various blockchains or sidechains which are more affordable than the 1-of-1 Ethereum NFT which contains the entire poem. Each of these AI-generated images are created by words of the poem which are displayed at the bottom of the images, such that collecting all of the images will recreate the poem. A very faint watermark of the name of the chain is included in each image on the top right corner, so that images across chains can be distinguished from one another.

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poem text
There is no one "right way" to interpret a poem; it can be interpreted many ways, depending on how the poem is written and what experiences each individual reader has had in their life. I'll outline here some notions I had while writing the poem, as a way of spurring your own ideas on interpretation and meaning.

  • Someone, or some group, is murdered in this poem, by some thing. What might these victims and things be?

  • Why might words be considered "untrustworthy vehicles?"

  • Words have past lives, or etymologies. To most people their prior meanings are not obvious, until they are "looked up."

  • What are the etymologies of the following words? bloomer, cecilia, miscalculation, sublime, subliminal, suspect, Lucifer, lunatics

  • Why does the title of the poem include parentheses?

  • Might there be a contrast in this poem between things movable and either unmovable or immovable?

  • How do the sun and the moon differ in the way they transmit light?

  • What is the meaning of 'justice is blind?'

  • When might one see a tunnel of light?

  • In mythology or religion, what can a 'falling star' symbolize?

  • In mythology or religion, what can a 'rising sun' symbolize?

  • The 'sentence' which forms the middle of the poem is not actually a 'sentence.' Why might that be?

  • Palindrome poems often represent something which either repeats or oscillates, so that the form contributes to intrepretation. In this case, what might this something be?

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