newspaper headline

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The never-ending economic slump received a shot of adrenaline today as the largest trust of the land, Magellan Balboa, injected a truly massive amount of specie into circulation. The hope is that the sudden increase in liquidity will cause solid structures to melt throughout Wall Street, particularly the sculpture spreading its horrible wings over the populace recently erected by Phineas the bad-mouthed sailor upon the front lawn of the central bank. Participants of the yearly bull run have endlessly criticised the monstrous work of supposed 'art,' your correspondent included, for its propensity to steer the steers away from their appointed route, goring passersby in the process, much to the chagrin of the metropolitan city cleaners' guild. Veteran wall street brokers have noted, with full fidelity, that the trust's decision to boost the slump will likely succeed, at least to the point of changing it into a shambling sort of stance. Causing it to fully become erect is seen as doubtful, however, given historical precedence. Yet one cannot fail to appreciate the optimism apparent in the actions of Magellan Balboa - here they are, a firmly established firm, putting their monetary position in peril in the hopes of stemming the floodwaters of oncoming financial disaster if only for a brief shining moment, all for the benefit of the little man.

Before the Fall of the Mastodons

before the fall
of the mastodons
the grey light
in the early hours.
some burly,
some lean,
homo erecti
followed their
ancient routine,
blending their
speech with that
of lower creatures.
they spoke
of the turning wind
and coming storm
and the breaking
of previous plans.
the shaking of trees
for nut-fall
would be replaced
by basin-spreading
for rain-catch;
salted hides
for dryness, in places
unrevealed to the
eye in the sky,
and the gift prepared
for the slaking
of the land.
and with a hand-movement
all work started.
the gazelles and hares
in their own way
felt these changes
and knelt in their hearts
though not knowing why.

Image courtesy of DigitalDesigner from Pixabay

chimp staring at a surreal landscape