This Ethereum word-unit palindrome poem was first published in Rattle. It explores the themes of war, fate, death, and multiple forms of cowardice. Like all word-unit palindromes, it can be read both backwards and forwards word-by-word. There is only one copy of the digital collectible.

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poem text
There is no one "right way" to interpret a poem; it can be interpreted many ways, depending on how the poem is written and what experiences each individual reader has had in their life. I'll outline here some notions I had while writing the poem, as a way of spurring your own ideas on interpretation and meaning.

  • What might 'dust' signify?

  • How are 'mice' and 'men' connected in popular culture? In literature?

  • What is DNA?

  • What are tortoises known for?

  • What might the relationship be between a tortoise and its shell?

  • What might the relationship be between a shell and a coffin?

  • Why might youth be disembodied?

  • What might 'poppies' signify?

  • What is a dithyramb?

  • Why might the word at the very center of the poem be the word 'still'?

  • Is it logical for a word to be both the beginning and the end of a thought simultaneously?

  • Is it logical for a non-word to represent thought?

  • What does it mean to 'lie'?

  • How might contradictions arise?

  • What are the killing fields?

  • What is fertilizer?

  • What are oracle bones?

  • How might men "spend" their lives?

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