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Journey to fstar (F*)Hacker-proof Coding 2019-04-26

When learning a new programming language, I've often wondered what it would be like to maintain a journal summarizing what I had learned during each day. Doing this would serve to help cement what I had learned that day by forcing myself to rephrase my discoveries in my own words. At the same time, others who were interested in learning the same language might be interested in reading how I went about learning the language and even following along if they were so inclined. And since these blogs are hosted on github, there could be a one-to-one correspondence with learning exercises that I do and projects to demonstrate the actual source code, on my normal github page.

Currently I am working on a few books on (see here for a book of poetry I am working on); leanpub lets people work on publishing something while allowing others to buy what has been written so far using paypal, then receiving free updates as the book proceeds along. This is similar to what these blogs with BAT being tipped to me might be like, except that someone who tips in BAT wouldn't know when an update to the work was done. My current thinking is that I will work on one or more of the above blogs every day, and then at a certain time (one month? two months?) will transfer the existing blog entries to leanpub in the form of one or more books. This would allow people who were following the blogs to buy a whole bunch of entries stuck together into one file, rather than clicking on a gazillion links trying to find some specific piece of information.

A special thanks goes out to Chris Ruppel for his article on how to set up a Github Page to be recognized by Brave! At the time that I accessed the article, the steps outlined in it had changed slightly, but they can still be followed - simply use the new name of the downloaded file, and add a channel to represent the source of BAT income from your github blog.